Stephanie Coxon - There is No Such Thing As Perfection

Episode Summary

Have you ever felt like you weren’t “good enough”, whatever that is? Or, have you felt like everything you do must be absolutely perfect?! I sure have! I struggled with both of those things for several years! Feeling like you are not “good enough” or not “perfect enough” will rob you of your dreams, it will keep you stressed and unproductive as you constantly strive for something that does not exist! It is a tool the enemy uses to steal your hopes and dreams and peace and joy! There is a better way to go through life! Listen in today as my friend, Stephanie Coxon, and I chat about perfection, excellence, priorities, health and more. Be inspired and know that you are not alone, and you are more than enough to become all you were created to be!

Episode Notes

About Stephanie:

Stephanie Coxon is a mother of five and a medical freedom activist. She sits on the steering committee for PCIC ( As a contributing writer for America Out Loud, she is a regular guest on podcasts around the country.
After graduating at the age of 19 with a BS in Marketing, she went on to get an MBA in International Business. After 13 years of teaching at the collegiate level, she went on for a Ph.D. in Instructional Leadership and Management.
During this period, she also started learning about natural health and was certified as a Natural Health Professional. Continuing down the natural medicine road, she became a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath and partnered with an MD to create a practice that focuses on holistic health. Currently, she manages a holistic medical practice and works with people to create a wellness lifestyle and regain their health.


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About Kathleen:

“Empowered Living” Speaker, Author, Lifestyle Expert & Host of The Revive Your Dreams Podcast, Kathleen Ellis, is passionate about teaching you how to get rid of the chaos, stress & overwhelm that is stealing your dreams! She will help you create a lifestyle of balance, beauty, confidence, and joy so that you can begin to live the Beautiful Abundant Life You Dream Of!

Kathleen is your mentor, motivator, and guide, as you learn to DREAM BIG, to “step outside the box” to make your dreams come true. She will stretch you to Revive Your Dreams and Transform Your Life…To take your life from ordinary to EXTRAordinary….To become ALL, you were created to BE!


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