Kathy Anderson-Martin - The Heart Matters

Episode Summary

Have you ever had so many major, life-changing things happen in a very short amount of time, where you’ve wondered, “How in the world can I do this?” Or “This is NOT what I had planned!” That’s exactly what happened to Kathy Anderson-Martin in August of 2000. In the span of 10 days, her life changed dramatically when she discovered a life threatening heart condition she didn’t know she had until she received an unusual warning, just in time, and then notification from the adoption agency that they had a baby for them! This is not what she had planned for, but God…. He had another plan! Tune in to this episode and hear how Kathy’s faith, perspective, preparation and gratitude brought her through the most difficult chapter so far. Be inspired and encouraged as you hear how God has accomplished HIS plans in her life and how she is impacting many people in her current role!

Episode Notes

About Kathy Anderson-Martin:

Kathy is the Executive Director of Midwest Food Bank Pennsylvania where Kathy and her team are working to secure and bring resources into Central Pennsylvania to feed people in need. Midwest Food Bank Pennsylvania is one of ten Midwest Food Bank divisions across the country, serving a diverse network of nonprofit organizations, churches and ministry partners throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Kathy and her husband, Jon, live in Hampden Township with their daughters, Elizabeth and Ashlyn and plot-hound, Gabriella.

 SUPPORT:   Midwest Food Bank,Pennsylvania

About Kathleen:

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