Get Yourself Together, Girl! Creating Balance to Achieve Your Dreams

Episode Summary

Do you ever feel like there’s just “something”, you can’t quite put your finger on, that’s out of balance in your life? “Something” that seems to be tripping you up and keeping you from fully pursuing and achieving your dreams? If so, you are not alone! Many women don’t realize there are 3 areas they must renew or change, in order to achieve their dreams. When these 3 areas are assessed and addressed, they will support you on your journey, helping you to go further, faster and with more peace and joy! When you make changes in these 3 areas you are setting yourself up for SUCCESS! Join me as I share these 3 “Areas of Beauty” with you and why they are important to include in your master plan. It’s time for you to BE that woman who lives that victorious, beautiful, abundant life you’re dreaming of! C’mon, grab a “cuppa” and your notebook, let’s get started! Oh, and I’ve got a gift for you to help you get started on the path to accomplishing YOUR dreams and goals! The link is below. Let’s DREAM and DO bigger than ever before! xo Corresponding Revive Your Dreams Podcast Episodes: 54, 44, 32, 22

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About Kathleen:

“Abundant Living” Mentor, Founder of Kathleen Ellis Lifestyle Design & Host of The Revive Your Dreams Podcast, Kathleen Ellis, is passionate about teaching you how to get rid of the chaos, stress & overwhelm that is stealing your dreams! She will help you create a lifestyle of balance, beauty, confidence, and joy so that you can begin to live the Beautiful Abundant Life You Dream Of!

Kathleen is your mentor, motivator, and guide, as you learn to DREAM BIG, to “step outside the box” to make your dreams come true. She will stretch you to Revive Your Dreams and Transform Your Life…To take your life from ordinary to EXTRAordinary…. To become ALL, you were created to BE!


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