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Have you EVER felt like QUITTING on your dreams? I have! Many times! Have you ever said those words, “I QUIT?!” I actually can’t recall saying them out loud more than a few times, but I sure have thought about saying them many more times! It’s easy to get to that place when you experience delays, discouragement, frustrations, resistance and (perceived) failure! You begin to question whether or not your dreams are worth pursuing OR if you’re even on the right track. Right?! Let me assure you, you are NOT alone! Tune in to hear the 5 things I make sure to do when I feel discouraged and ready to quit! You are worth everything you are dreaming of, Don’t Quit!

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About Kathleen:

“Empowered Living” Speaker, Author, Lifestyle Expert & Host of The Revive Your Dreams Podcast, Kathleen Ellis, is passionate about teaching you how to get rid of the chaos, stress & overwhelm that is stealing your dreams! She will help you create a lifestyle of balance, beauty, confidence, and joy so that you can begin to live the Beautiful Abundant Life You Dream Of!

Kathleen is your mentor, motivator, and guide, as you learn to DREAM BIG, to “step outside the box” to make your dreams come true. She will stretch you to Revive Your Dreams and Transform Your Life…To take your life from ordinary to EXTRAordinary….To become ALL, you were created to BE!


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